Pihlajalinna serves and grows

Pihlajalinna is one of Finland’s leading providers of social and healthcare services. We offer high quality social, health and wellbeing services at our private clinics, hospitals, fitness centres and housing services across Finland. We build services that focus on keeping people healthy. It is easier, more inexpensive and lighter for the body to keep a person healthy rather than cure an ill person.

Our aim is to challenge habitual patterns and continuously provide our customers with better service. We want to be a responsible industry pioneer that provides rapid and easy care. Our aim is to ensure that you feel better at every stage of your life.

Our customers include private individuals, businesses, insurance companies and public sector entities.

Our services include:

  • Appointment with general practitioners and specialists
  • Emergency and on-call services
  • Operations and surgeries
  • Occupational healthcare
  • Fitness centre services
  • Housing services for elderly
  • Social and healthcare outsourcing
  • Health centre outsourcing
  • Reception centres
  • Staffing services

We want to make sure that you receive top quality care wherever you are at all times. This is why we expand our operations, open new clinics, increase our competence and want to receive feedback from you.


Pihlajalinna’s mission is to help to live a better life. The company plays a significant role in society by providing healthcare services to people through public sector partnerships, occupational healthcare, insurance services and services offered directly to private customers. In practice, this means taking responsibility for health and wellbeing by providing a comprehensive range of services across Finland with a focus on quality, impact and patient safety.

We report on our sustainability work as part of Annual Report.

Pihlajalinna in brief

  • Pihlajalinna is one of Finland’s leading providers of social and healthcare services.
  • Pihlajalinna is almost entirely under Finnish ownership.
  • Our headquarters is located in Tampere.
  • Our values are ethics, energy and open-mindedness.
  • We have approximately 7,000 employees and over 2,200 practitioners.