Cookie policies

Data protection, cookies and analytics

Data protection refers to the protection of privacy when processing personal data. Any Pihlajalinna operations include the data protection and information security in accordance with the approved data protection and information security policy of Pihlajalinna. Developing and maintaining data protection and information security is part of Pihlajalinna’s security operations, risk management and internal control. The processing of personal data is stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU as well as the related local legislation. Any patient data related to healthcare services and customer data related to social services are subject to special legislation.

Help us develop our services ─ cookies and analytics in our online service

A cookie is a small text file saved on the user’s device. Pihlajalinna uses cookies to identify the browsers who have visited the online service. Based on the behaviour data from the browser, we can target and develop Pihlajalinna’s customer service, marketing, data analysis and statistics. Cookies help us understand the pages the user visits, how they navigate the site or arrive in the service. Cookies enable us to serve you better while improving the quality, contents and user experience of our services.

We offer you an easy and transparent opportunity to manage the cookies used in our online service. When you arrive in our online service for the first time using a specific browser, we explain our use of cookies and offer you the chance to edit the cookie settings or accept the cookies. In the cookie settings, we itemise the purpose of each cookie and you can individually select the cookies you wish to enable or disable. The information on your selections is saved in the cookie for 90 days. However, you can always edit your selections in the privacy settings of our online service or empty the cookies from the browser settings. We will not use any external services without your consent.

In order to offer you the best possible services online, we send data collected by the cookies on the use of the site to external services. We will not send any information considered as strong authentication or similar to such services. Blocking cookies may impact the functionality of the online service or prevent you from using the service of part thereof.

You can see the cookies we are using in the privacy settings of our online service.

Cookies and analytics on the investor site

Our investor site is produced by our partner Investis. You can find the privacy statement and cookie policy of the site here.

Cookies and analytics in the mobile application

The Pihlajalinna mobile application does not use cookies. However, the application collects error and usage analytics to compile statistics and analyses of using the service. This helps us develop the quality, content and user experience of the application so that we can serve you even better.