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Johan Fagerudd

Diabetesklinikan lääkäri

Endokrinologi tutkii ja hoitaa hormoneja tuottavien elinten sairauksia, kuten haima ja kilpirauhanen.


Nefrologi tutkii ja hoitaa munuaisten sairauksia kuten munuaisten vajaatoimintaa.

Painonhallintaklinikan lääkäri

Sisätautilääkäri tutkii, diagnosoi ja hoitaa sisäelinten ja aineenvaihdunnan sairauksia.

Docent, Doctor of Medical Science

I am a specialist in internal medicine and I am the head of Pihalajalinna's Diabetes and Obesity Clinics. 

I have a long experience in the treatment of diabetes.  My doctoral thesis concerned the role of familial factors in the development of diabetic kidney disease in type 1 diabetes. Lately, I have treated mostly type 2 diabetic patients, where novel drugs have dramatically changed the treatment by helping patients to loose weight. We use these same drugs in the medical treatment of obesity. In 2022, I have completed Obesity Canada's Advancing Obesity Management Program. 

I also treat patient with general internal medicine disorders, I have a special interest also in the follow-up of patients with cardiovascular diseases, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol.

My outpatient clinic is situated i Pihlajalinna Dextra (Munkkivuori), but I take care of a growing portion of my patients remotely in the Pihlajalinna Etäklinikka (Remote Clinic).

You are cordially welcome to visit me!

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Specialisations and tasks:

Specialist in internal medicine

Child patients:
I do not treat child patients
Price of a consultation for private customers:

Vastaanottokäynti, 30 min: EUR 130

Vastaanottokäynti, 45 min: EUR 190

Vastaanottokäynti, 60 min: EUR 250

An office fee and any possible test and treatment costs will be added to the price.

Swedish, Finnish, English

Remote appointment

Pihlajalinna Dextra (Munkkivuori)

Raumantie 1 a, 00350 Helsinki