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Juha Kaari


I'm a chiropractor assessing, diagnosing (functional diagnosis) and treating / rehabilitating neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.

I believe in the three pillars of evidence based practice; science & research, clinical experience and individual patient goals. I have experience working with patients of all types, from children to elderly and from weekend warriors to professional athletes. I practice a “hands on” approach combining joint manipulation and manual therapy with medical acupuncture / dry needling in order to optimize and improve mobility, recovery and performance. 

Specialisations and tasks:


Child patients:
I treat child patients
Price of a consultation for private customers:

Ensimmäinen käynti (enintään), 40 min: EUR 90

Jatkokäynti (enintään), 20 min: EUR 80

HUOM! Ensimmäiselle käynnille varaa tupla-aika, eli 40mins!

An office fee and any possible test and treatment costs will be added to the price.

Finnish, English

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