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Juha Taavela

General practitioner
Specialist in internal medicine

Specialist in internal medicine, doctor of medicine 

TAYS Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology 2021-. 

I treat a wide range of ailments and problems in internal medicine, such as heart and blood pressure diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, infections, anemia, obesity, hormonal disorders, and I study problems with fatigue, performance, liver values and iron deficiency. International and national publications on intestinal diseases, especially celiac disease, intestinal malabsorption disorders, gluten sensitivity and studying stomach problems.

I do endoscopy examinations of the upper stomach and intestines, i.e. gastroscopy and colonoscopy. 

Specialisations and tasks:

Specialist in internal medicine

Child patients:
I do not treat child patients
Price of a consultation for private customers:

Vastaanottokäynti, 20 min: EUR 120

An office fee and any possible test and treatment costs will be added to the price.

Finnish, English

Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka

Koskikeskus: Hatanpään valtatie 1, 33100 Tampere