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I specialize in problems with the lower extremity. My most common patients are those with symptoms in the pelvic-, hip-, knee-, ankle and/or foot-region. The first goal is always to find the underlying problem causing the syptoms. After that it is possible to take corrective measures. 

I also make custom orthopedic insoles. The goal of these orthotics is to guide the function of the whole body by helping the foot to function as close to optimal as possible. The need for a pair of orthotics is assessed during a physical therapy appointment. 

Specialisations and tasks:


Child patients:
I treat child patients
Price of a consultation for private customers:

Tukipohjalliset 1.pari 166€. Lisäpari tukipohjallisia 105€.

An office fee and any possible test and treatment costs will be added to the price.

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