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Markus Lastikka

General practitioner
Paediatric orthopaedist
Doctor of Medical Science

I am an Orhopeadic surgeant with a long experience of working with children. I am specialised  in childrens orhopeadics and traumatology.  I am happy to treat ortopedic disorders and injuries in all age groups , experience in sports injuries, back and knee problems.  Am currently working also as a surgeant at the TYKS univeristy hospital at the childrens sports clinic.

My thesis was about pediatric spinal disordes.

Am a member of the Finish Medical Association, The Finish Orhopedic Association, The finish Childrens Orhopedic Association. 

Specialisations and tasks:

Specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology

Special competence in child orthopaedics and traumatology

Child patients:
I treat child patients
Price of a consultation for private customers:

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An office fee and any possible test and treatment costs will be added to the price.

Finnish, Swedish, English

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