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Susanna Jansen

I work as a workmaster at Pihlajalinna Turku Kupittaa. I am a rehabilitation counsellor and a bachelor of public health nursing and a bachelor of nursing. As a work master, I work as a vocational rehabilitation specialist on the accident insurance, and I support our clients in early support services in questions related to returning to work. 

I can also work as a social services expert in occupational health care.

My competence consists of career guidance, knowledge of working life and different professional fields, assessment of functional capacity needed at work, and various options and means of supporting the return to work. I am familiar with the basic practices and services of accident insurance companies, pension insurance companies, the TE Office and Kela, as well as different training options and forms

Specialisations and tasks:


Child patients:
I do not treat child patients
Finnish, English, Swedish

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