Authorising someone to act on your behalf

As a customer of Pihlajalinna, you can authorise someone to act on your behalf in your dealings with Pihlajalinna. This authorisation is called a power of attorney.

If you wish to authorise someone to act on your behalf, proceed as follows:

  1. Below, you will find a form titled “Power of attorney”. Print it out, fill in the details, sign the form and bring it to a Pihlajalinna clinic. Alternatively, you can fill in the form at a Pihlajalinna clinic.
  2. At the Pihlajalinna clinic, you will be asked to verify your identity. The holder of the power of attorney, i.e. the authorised party, does not need to be present at the time but his or her identity will be checked always when he or she acts on your behalf.
  3. If you are unable to personally deliver the power of attorney to a Pihlajalinna clinic, the authorised party can bring it on your behalf. In that case, you will need two adult witnesses who validate the power of attorney with their signatures. The authorised party will need to prove his or her identity when he or she delivers the power of attorney.

The power of attorney is entered in Pihlajalinna’s patient information system. When you wish to revoke the power of attorney, print out the “Revocation of a power attorney” form and fill in the details. You can return the revocation form either by post or in person to a Pihlajalinna clinic. The revocation form is entered in Pihlajalinna’s patient information system.

If you are authorised to act on behalf of someone, please pay attention to the following:

  • Be prepared to prove your identity every time you visit a Pihlajalinna clinic.
  • If you use the telephone, the identification takes place by Pihlajalinna calling back to the number specified in the power of attorney. Be prepared to state your name, personal identity code and contact details each time.

If a customer authorises someone to receive patient information on their behalf, the authorised party fills in a form titled “Request to access patient information”, after which the request for information will proceed according to the normal process. Read more about requests for patient information.

A power of attorney can be issued by an adult who is legally competent and capable of understanding the meaning of the power of attorney. If the person does not meet the above conditions and does not have a legal representative, no one can issue a power of attorney on his or her behalf.

For more information on authorising a person to act on behalf of another, please contact your nearest Pihlajalinna clinic or Pihlajalinna customer service.

Power of attorney
Revocation of a power attorney