Customer experience and feedback

Here at Pihlajalinna, the development of quality and customer experience is a continuous process. Pihlajalinna aims for excellent customer experience in all interaction channels and locations. By giving us feedback, our customers can help us ensure that our services, processes, operating models and points of interactions are of high quality and that the customers’ voice is strongly present in the service development. At Pihlajalinna, feedback is processed systematically and every Pihlajalinna employee participates in the feedback-based development of operations.

We ask for feedback and measure customers’ likelihood to recommend us:

The customer experience is measured with an NPS indicator (Net Promoter Score). NPS is an internationally used customer satisfaction indicator.

The measuring provides us with crucial information about our customers’ experience of the service and what our most important development areas are. The NPS figure can be anywhere between the numbers -100 and +100. If the NPS points are over 0, you can assume that the majority of the customers would recommend the service. Over +50 points is an excellent result.

Our NPS feedback survey covers all customer groups. We send our customers a text message with a link to the feedback survey on the day after they interact with us. You need to have a smartphone to answer the survey. We send the same feedback survey to the same customer no more often than once a month. Answering an NPS survey is voluntary and completely free for the customers.

You can use the feedback form to give feedback:

We also collect feedback from our customers through the feedback form on our website in order to develop our operations. If necessary, our personnel can also record the customer’s feedback and send it forward.