Customer feedback

At Pihlajalinna, every customer feedback is valuable – both positive and negative. Feedback helps us develop our operations so that we can continue to offer high-quality services to our customers.

If your matter concerns booking an appointment or canceling an existing appointment, you can book or cancel appointments through Pihlajalinna’s self-service channels MyPihlajalinna and the Pihlajalinna Health app, where you can view and cancel appointments according to the general booking terms. For issues related to treatment or prescription renewal, we recommend using the Pihlajalinna Health app or contacting our customer service. For matters concerning invoices, please contact Pihlajalinna’s invoicing.

You can provide us with general feedback regarding our services or submit a complaint through the feedback form. Please note that the feedback channel is not intended for recording sensitive personal or health information. Please do not enter your social security number or other sensitive information in the feedback form.

Patient Ombudsperson

From January 1, 2024, the wellbeing services counties and the city of Helsinki are responsible for patient ombudsperson duties, including those related to private service providers, as per the Act on Patient Ombudspersons and Social Services Ombudspersons (739/2023). If you need assistance or advice, patient ombudspersons (formerly patient ombudsmen) are available to help and provide guidance or additional information on making a reminder if needed. The patient ombudsperson cannot comment on medical treatment decisions or determine whether a patient injury has occurred. You can find the contact information for patient ombudspersons on the website of your wellbeing services county and the city of Helsinki.

Download checklist: What to do if you are unhappy with a service or treatment in social services and healthcare?

Before Making a Reminder

If you are dissatisfied with your healthcare or treatment related to it at Pihlajalinna, we always recommend discussing the matter first with the person who provided your care. Issues related to treatment, trust in healthcare, or restoring understanding can often be resolved through open dialogue.

Healthcare Reminder

According to Section 10 of the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients (785/1992), a patient who is dissatisfied with their healthcare or the related treatment has the right to submit a healthcare reminder in accordance with the law to the healthcare unit that provided the treatment. If the patient is unable to make the reminder themselves, it can be submitted by the patient’s legal representative, family member, or another close associate. You can submit a reminder by using this form. For more information on healthcare reminders, please visit Valvira’s website (

Healthcare Complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the response you received regarding your reminder, you can make a complaint directly to the Regional State Administrative Agency ( or Valvira. A complaint refers to a notification to the supervisory authority about suspected incorrect procedures or negligence. For more information on healthcare complaints, please visit Valvira’s website (

Notice of Patient Injury

If you suspect a patient injury, you can file a notice of patient injury to the Patient Insurance Center (

Experience Surveys

At Pihlajalinna, we continuously measure customer experience using the internationally used Net Promoter Score (NPS) meter. In addition, Pihlajalinna collects understandings of customer experience through service-specific experience surveys. This way, we gain valuable information about service experiences and can identify key areas for improvement.