Patient ombudsman

A patient ombudsman provides assistance and advice on matters concerning the application of the Patient Act. The ombudsman also communicates the rights and status of patients and instructs and, if necessary, assists them in making a complaint or a patient injury notification. The patient ombudsman also engages in other types of work to promote the realisation of patients’ rights.

The patient ombudsman does not take a stand on the medical treatment decisions of patients or whether a patient injury has occurred during treatment. They also do not act as patients’ legal counsels but may act as a mediator between the patient and the personnel.

Patient ombudsmen of Pihlajalinna

Clinics, occupational healthcare, dental care and operations and surgeries
patient ombudsman Liisa Pajari, 050 599 4905

Ikipihlaja Housing services for elderly
There is a social ombudsman appointed by the home municipality or city of each resident.

patient ombudsman Liisa Pajari, 050 599 4905

Social and healthcare outsourcings: Kuusiolinna Terveys, Mäntänvuoren Terveys, Kolmostien Terveys
patient ombudsman Sanna Siltala, 040 194 1637

Social and healthcare outsourcing: Jämsän Terveys
patient ombudsman Mai-Stiina Lampinen, 040 775 0347

Social and healthcare outsourcing: Laihian Hyvinvointi
patient ombudsman of Laihia municipality,, 040 135 1982
social ombudsman of Laihia municipality, 040 507 9303

Healthcare outsourcing: Selkämeren Terveys
patient ombudsman Susanne Nygård-Kukko
Leave a callback request, 06 2218 411.

Reprimand and complaint in health care

If you are unhappy with the care or treatment you received at a Pihlajalinna private clinic, hospital or dental clinic, you can send the manager responsible for the location’s healthcare a written reprimand pursuant to the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients. The purpose of the reprimand is to restore the understanding and trust in the care.

Write as detailed as possible description about the incident and, if possible, the names and titles of the people your reprimand concerns. A patient ombudsman can help you with the reprimand, if necessary.

There is no deadline for recording the reprimand. However, for the matter to be solved, it is expedient to submit a reprimand within a reasonable timeframe after the incident that led to the reprimand. A reprimand is always given a written response.

You can also make a free-form reprimand and deliver it to the Pihlajalinna private clinic, hospital or dental clinic the matter concerns, or alternatively to a patient ombudsman. There are separate instructions for submitting a reprimand for the services Pihlajalinna has contracted out to municipalities. More information about them is available on the websites of the municipality-owned companies.

If you are unsatisfied with the response to your reprimand, you are entitled to file a complaint with a regional administrative authority or Valvira. Filing a complaint refers to submitting a notification to a supervisory authority concerning a suspected incorrect procedure or act of negligence.