Price lists

The price lists contain the prices for the most common tests and examinations as well as the starting prices of appointments.

Appointment prices vary between physicians and specialists. For detailed pricing information, see the information of the specific physician or specialist in the Experts section of the online service. An office fee will be added to appointment prices.

Any appointment-related statements, laboratory tests, X-rays, procedures, vaccinations, medications and supplies are charged separately. For private customers, telephone consultations concerning test results and treatment decisions are primarily included in the price of the appointment. The physician may invoice other types of telephone consultation comparable to an appointment separately.

Administrative fees

  • Service fee, general, EUR 23.50
  • Service fee, remote appointment, EUR 23.50
  • Service fee, nurse services EUR 8.90, laser nurse services, EUR 23.50
  • Service fee, serial and vaccination appointments, EUR 8.50
  • Service fee, dental care, EUR 18.50
  • Call request for doctor or renewal of prescriptions (remote) EUR 11.50
  • Kanta fee EUR 2.30
  • ePrescription EUR 1.70 per medication

From 1 January 2020 only card payments

From 1 January 2020 we will only accept debit and credit card payments.

Kela reimbursement

Pihlajalinna uses the direct reimbursement method of Kela. This means that the customer receives a health insurance compensation when paying for their appointment at Pihlajalinna.

The direct reimbursement method covers our following operations: general practitioner’s, specialist’s and dentist’s appointment, laboratory tests (excluding package tests), imaging, physiotherapy and hospital services.

The reimbursement can only be paid if the customer presents a valid Kela card to the cashier when paying for the appointment.

For more information about our prices, please contact our customer service, tel. +358 (0)10 312 010.

We reserve the right to make changes.