Accident Line price list

** The price of the reception is determined based on the total duration of the reception. The total duration also includes the time the expert uses for going through the background information and making entries in the patient data system. Additional fees for service, digital prescriptions, Kanta entries and possible procedures will be added to the price.

Weekday prices are valid from Monday to Friday between 8-20. At other times, the prices are increasing as follows: 30 % on Saturdays between 8-18, 100 % on Saturdays and the night before public holidays after 18, on Sundays, and on public holidays.


Price **

Deductible for reception visits after Kela reimbursement **

Accident Line, video reception, 20 min



Accident Line, video reception, 30 min



Accident Line, video reception, 45 min



Accident Line, video reception, 60 min