Privacy statements

Pihlajalinna’s duty is to openly, clearly and unambiguously explain how we process your personal data.

Personal data that are connected and processed for the same purposes constitute a personal data file. The privacy statement of a personal data file describes the personal data processed in connection with the data file, the purposes of their use and their protection, etc. This section contains the privacy statements for the key patient and customer registers of Pihlajalinna Group. Some companies in our Group have their own websites where you can find more information on the personal data files of the company in question. You can also contact the company’s clinic for advice.

Pihlajalinna is responsible for the joint data file formed of the patient data and used by the various operating units and independent practitioners acting as independent controllers. When you became a patient of Pihlajalinna as a private customer or as a customer of occupational healthcare, you were asked to give your consent for storing your patient data in this joint data file. By directing your data access request to the joint data file, you will receive patient data from all the companies that have treated you and are included in the data file.
Some of the companies in the Pihlajalinna Group, such as dental clinics, process patient data in their own information systems. In order to access your personal data processed by such companies, you must direct your request to the company’s own data file. This is also required if you have not given your consent for storing your data in the joint data file.

Privacy statement for the patient registers of companies included in the joint data file:

The following companies in Pihlajalinna Group store the patient data in the joint data file (upon the patient’s consent): Pihlajalinna Terveys Oy, Pihlajalinna Lääkärikeskukset Oy, Lääkäriasema DokTori Oy, Kompassi lääkärikeskus Oy, Linnan Klinikka Oy, Pihlajalinna Ikioma Oy, Pihlajalinna Kainuu Oy and Pihlajalinna Seppälääkärit Oy.

Privacy statements for other patient registers:

Other privacy statements for Pihlajalinna Group:

We reserve the right to update the privacy statements, if necessary. Essential changes to the privacy statements may be announced in, for example, the News section of our website.

The patient data of a private customer or occupational healthcare customer are stored in Pihlajalinna’s patient data files. If Pihlajalinna is the healthcare provider of your municipality, your municipality is the controller responsible for the patient data file. For more information on the municipality’s personal data files and the processing of your patient data, please contact your municipal authorities.