Pihlajalinna Dental Clinic Tampere

Pihlajalinna Dental Clinic Tampere offers comprehensive and high-quality dental services including basic dental care as well as all special dental services such as surgical procedures, prosthetics, periodontics, microscopic root canal treatment and aesthetic dentistry.

Patients can also choose treatment with sedative premedication or under general anaesthesia. Our professional and attentive staff will help you find successful solutions for your oral and dental health at all stages of your life. We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best possible results.

The members of our dental clinic staff are top professionals in whose capable hands you can safely trust your oral and dental healthcare.
At the same premises, there is a full-service dental laboratory that makes various dental prosthetic products for customers. The laboratory uses cutting-edge technology.


Pihlajalinna Dental Clinic Tampere

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