Pihlajalinna Keinojuuriklinikka

Excellent service by top experts
Pihlajalinna Keinojuuriklinikka is a leading high-quality and comprehensive private dental clinic in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Keinojuuriklinikka is one of the few dental clinics in Finland, and even in Europe, specialising in dental implants. We have two well-equipped operating rooms and specially trained staff. Excellent service by top experts ensures safe and comfortable care for our customers.

Wide range of treatments
The procedures are done painlessly, either under local anaesthesia or in sedation. Sedation refers to a pain-relieving treatment in which the anaesthetist administers a sedative drug intravenously to the patient. There is no need to be afraid of implant treatment. In fact, many customers have said that the implant treatment was the best dental care experience they ever had.

High-quality materials
Implants to Pihlajalinna Keinojuuriklinikka are supplied by a Swiss company called Straumann. Straumann is able to provide the most widely documented, clinically validated and practically proven implant system in the industry. Their implant system is based on over 25 years of clinical trials and more than 3,000 independent scientific publications.

Our product and service offering is based on three key requirements: reliability, simplicity and flexibility. The implant material used is pure titanium: it does not cause any allergic reactions and has a good attachment to the bone. Titanium dental implants have been used successfully around the world for 30 years.


Pihlajalinna Keinojuuriklinikka

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