Invoicing information (suppliers)

The law on electronic invoicing of contracting entities and entrepreneurs (241/2019) entered into force on 1 April 2020 and we will only receive electronic invoices after this.

Basware Oyj acts as the electronic invoice operator (Intermediator ID BAWCFI22).
The company-specific EDI identifiers and operator information can be found from the invoicing addresses.

Pihlajalinna’s invoicing addresses

Term of payment

The invoice’s term of payment must be at least 30 days net. The term of payment starts only after the invoice has been delivered in the right form to our purchase ledger.

Required invoice information

The name of the orderer, cost centre, and delivery address are required information for the purpose of processing the invoice. In contract-based recurring invoicing, the contract number must be included in the invoice. Purchase-order-based invoices must include the purchase order number. No more than one purchase order should be included in an invoice.

The right fields in the TEAPPS standard are:
Purchase order number <ORDER_NUMBER></ORDER_NUMBER>

Our systems do not record invoices with insufficient information.

Invoices must not include any personal data from which customers could be identified (GDPR). Invoice appendices containing personal data shall be sent to the right email address according to separately issued instructions.

Our systems do not record invoices or appendices containing personal data.

Invoicer portal

If electronic invoicing is not an option for your company, invoices and invoice appendices concerning a company in our Group must be sent via our Basware Portal at

The portal can be used free of charge, and it enables sending invoices to our Group companies in an electronic form. The name of the orderer, cost centre, and delivery address must in that case be entered into the invoice-row-specific message field. Please note that you must have a business ID in order to use the portal. Basware’s technical customer support answers questions concerning the invoicer portal.

Inquiries concerning invoicing addresses:
Purchase ledger, Pihlajalinna Group, [email protected]

Questions about Basware Portal:
Basware knowledge Base
Basware Customer Service Portal