General booking terms

Field of application

These terms and conditions shall be applied to the booking of services provided by the private clinics and dental clinics (hereinafter “Private Clinic”) of Pihlajalinna Group (Pihlajalinna Terveys Oy, ID 2303024-5, hereinafter “Service Provider”), regardless of the manner of booking.

The electronic booking system (hereinafter “System”) of Pihlajalinna is a booking system provided by the Service Provider for the Private Clinics, used by all the customers of the Private Clinics to book the Service Provider’s services at various clinics. Use of the System requires the customer to agree to comply with these terms of use and to provide the required information. Before booking an appointment in the System, the customer is given the opportunity to read these terms and conditions that are included, with any changes made to them at each time, as part of the agreement between the Service Provider and the customer who booked the appointment.

The customer understands that the System must not be used in emergencies; in the case of an emergency, call the emergency number 112.

Collection and processing of personal data

In connection with using the System, the Service Provider collects browser behaviour data from online and mobile sites using cookies or similar technology. The data may be utilised and used to develop, market and analyse the business operations and customer service of the companies in the Service Provider’s Group, for compiling statistics and similar purposes. Cookies or similar technology can be used to collect information such as identification data, e-mail address and contact information, e.g. address or telephone number.

Conclusion and contents of the agreement

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, an agreement will be concluded between the parties when the customer and the Service Provider agree on the booking. Booking may take place through the System, over the phone, electronically or at a private clinic, etc.

Information provided by the customer

The customer shall provide the Service Provider with the information requested by the Service Provider in the System or otherwise. The customer assures that the information is accurate and up to date. The customer shall be responsible for any mistakes or delays resulting from incorrect, insufficient or expired information provided by the customer.

Cancellation and delays

The Service Provider shall have the right to charge the customer for an unused appointment if the appointment has not been cancelled at least 24 hours prior or at a different time specified in a separate, company-specific service agreement.
Should the customer arrive late, the Service Provider shall not be obligated to extend the agreed schedule or start an agreed procedure if it cannot be performed in the agreed schedule. The Service Provider shall aim to receive the customer or patient during the appointment, but the appointment cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of healthcare services.

Cancelling an appointment

Appointments can be cancelled by calling the nationwide customer service at +358 (0)10 312 010 or in the customer’s own data at the site.


Price lists valid at each time shall be applied to the services of the practitioner (the physician conducting the appointment) and the Private Clinic, in addition to an administrative fee. Any appointment-related statements, laboratory tests, X-rays, procedures, vaccinations, medications and supplies shall be charged separately. Due to the nature of healthcare services, it is impossible to assess all the necessary tests and procedures in advance. The price list valid at each time can be found in the price list section of the website.

Term of payment

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the customer shall pay for the service as a cash payment with the payment instruments accepted by the Private Clinic when visiting the clinic for an appointment according to the policy followed at the Private Clinic.

The Service Provider shall be entitled to collect a prepayment according to its discretion. The customer must inform the clinic before booking the appointment and using the healthcare services if they are unable to pay for the services in the aforementioned manner.

The Service Provider shall have the right to suspend its contractual obligations if there is reason to suspect that the customer is neglecting its contractual obligations. In the event of a delayed payment, the customer shall be obligated to pay a penalty interest in accordance with the Interest Act as well as the reminder and collection charges.

If a separate invoice, in writing or electronically, must be sent from the service to the customer, the Service Provider shall be entitled to charge an invoice fee in accordance with its valid price list. The term of payment for such invoices is 14 days net.

Services paid by another party

If the service is included in occupational healthcare or the customer does not personally pay for the service for a different reason, the customer shall find our and ensure the payment arrangement before booking an appointment to ensure efficient services.

If the party reported by the customer does not pay for the service, the customer shall be liable to make the payment.

Limitation of risk in online bookings

The Service Provider is constantly updating and developing its online services (including the System). The Service Provider always aims to produce flawless and fast services for its customers, whether online or in person. However, we cannot guarantee complete flawlessness or availability of the online services. The Service Provider shall not be liable for indirect or direct damages potentially caused to the user as a result of using the Service Provider’s System or other online services.

In addition, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any interruptions in the online services for reasons such as maintenance work, technical errors, updating the online services, publishing new versions or similar reasons or for direct or indirect damages caused by functions or malfunctions in online bookings or cancellations. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the functionality of the online service users’ own data connections, and the employees of the Service Provider shall not provide advice related to the functions or installation of data connections.

Force majeure

The Service Provider shall not be liable for delays or other infringement of obligations resulting from reasons not attributable to the Service Provider. Reasons not attributable to the Service Provider include strike or other industrial action, fire, hospital-acquired infection as reason for interruption or other delay, illness of the professional booked for the appointment, interruption in power supply, data connections or information systems, action under public law or other reason the Service Provider cannot reasonably be expected to eliminate.

Applicable law and resolution of disputes

There general booking terms shall be governed by Finnish law, excluding the connecting factor rules. Any disputes related to the booking terms shall finally be settled in Pirkanmaa district court.