Instalments make the financing of your treatment easy and flexible. You can effortlessly apply for a financing decision on the Svea Bank website or at a Pihlajalinna clinic before your treatment, procedure or operation.

Instalments enable you to divide your payment between up to 60 months, and financing can be applied for up to EUR 15,000. The credit decision arrives quickly, by the next weekday at the latest, and you can determine the monthly instalment and repayment period according to your needs. We offer a 30–60-day repayment period free of interest and costs.

How Svea Bank instalments work:

  • Apply via SMS, online or at our clinic.
  • We recommend applying for an advance instalment decision with a slightly larger sum than the cost estimate of your treatment. Remember to ask your physician or the clinic for a cost estimate before applying for financing.
  • Select the monthly instalment and repayment period suited for your needs.
  • The credit decision arrives quickly; by the next weekday at the latest.
  • You will receive the invoice via e-mail or normal mail.

The instalments constitute a one-time credit with the precondition of an approved credit decision, at least 21 years of age and permanent residence in Finland. We will check the applicant’s credit status and submit an inquiry to the consumer credit status system of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. If you receive a negative credit decision, you have the right to apply for a new credit decision by contacting the customer service of Svea Bank and submitting additional information.

The credit opening fee is EUR 0, administrative fee EUR 2.95 per month and interest 11.0%. The annual percentage rate of interest for EUR 1,500 in credit, for example, with a 10-month payment period is 16.26%, the credit costs are EUR 106.03 and the total cost of credit is EUR 1,606.03 with a monthly instalment of EUR 160.95. The financing decision granted to you is valid for 60 days.



  1. Send an SMS to +358 (0)45 739 50161
  2. The SMS must contain the following information:
  • Keyword Pihlajalinna
  • Personal identity code
  • Sum
    For example: Pihlajalinna 290773-xxxx 1000

Learn more about the credit terms and conditions and the privacy statement of Svea Bank here (in Finnish).

Svea Bank AB, Filial i Finland, Mechelininkatu 1a, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland, contact the customer service via telephone, tel. +358 (0)9 4242 300, or by using the contact form.