Processing of your personal data

Pihlajalinna Group values the privacy of its customers, patients, partners and employees. We exercise particular care in processing your personal data. Learn more about Pihlajalinna Group’s data protection and information security policy.

View your patient data online

Our Oma Pihlajalinna service provides you with a wide range of information regarding your health. The service displays your information and service history and enables you to modify your consent settings related to data protection. You can effortlessly view your prescriptions and test results. We are constantly developing the service.

In the Oma Pihlajalinna service, you can view your health data created in Pihlajalinna’s services. The Oma Pihlajalinna service is not designed for providing treatment recommendations but for displaying statements on issued treatment, prescribed medication and sick leaves. The service does not contain all the information stored in the customer and patient register.

You can also view your health data in the Pihlajalinna mobile application.

Did you know that you can also view your medical records on My Kanta?

Pihlajalinna is connected to the Patient Data Repository, a section of the Finnish National Archive of Health Information (Kanta). As a rule, Pihlajalinna records key medical record entries and laboratory responses in the archive. You can access your medical record entries via My Kanta and print them out for your own use.

Do you need your information for an appointment at another healthcare institution?

In My Kanta, you can manage your consents for using your data stored in the Patient Data Repository for your treatment between different healthcare providers. With your consent, the professionals participating in your care can view your information if the healthcare provider has access to the Patient Data Repository. Giving your consent is the easiest way to make your medical record entries submitted at Pihlajalinna available to other professionals participating in your care. If you do not wish to give your consent, you can also print out your information from My Kanta and bring it to your appointment.


If you were unable to find the patient data you were looking for in Oma Pihlajalinna or My Kanta or you have some other request concerning your personal data, see the instructions for submitting requests below. According to data protection legislation, you have the right to ask for a copy of your personal data. In certain situations, you also have the right to ask for the rectification or erasure of some data. Please note, however, that if your data is considered patient data, all the Finnish healthcare facilities are bound by law to retain patient data. In terms of patient data, you also have the right to request access to log information, identifying anyone who has viewed your patient data.
Fill in the form, print it out and personally bring it to the customer service desk at a Pihlajalinna clinic. The form is also available at our clinics.

  1. To ensure that your personal data does not end up in the wrong hands and that your personal data is not processed or altered on incorrect grounds, you are required to prove your identity by presenting a photo ID when submitting your request.
  2. In data access requests, the data is delivered to you in the manner agreed upon when submitting the request: via an encrypted e-mail, letter or paper printout at the clinic. If you choose to pick up the data at a clinic, our customer service will inform you when the data is ready to be picked up at a Pihlajalinna clinic. A picture ID is required when picking up the data.

In the form, please specify the personal data file of Pihlajalinna Group to which your request refers to ensure we are processing the correct information. For assistance, please visit the Privacy statements page.