Kela reimbursement

Pihlajalinna uses the direct reimbursement method for Kela reimbursements. This means that the customer receives a health insurance compensation when paying for their appointment at Pihlajalinna.

The direct reimbursement method applies to the following general and specialist medical services:
-Physical appointment €30.00
-Video appointment €25.00
-Phone/chat appointment €8.00
-Medical statement B €6.00-€15.00
-Medical certificate A or D €2.00

The direct reimbursement procedure applies to the following psychiatric specialist medical services:
-Physical appointment €30.00-€40.00 (the amount of reimbursement depends on the length of the visit)
-Video appointment €30.00
-Phone/chat appointment €12.00
-Medical statement B €9.00-€22.50 (the amount of reimbursement depends on the extent of the statement)
-Medical certificate A or D €3.00

The reimbursement can only be paid if the customer presents a valid Kela card to the cashier when paying for the appointment.