Pihlajalinna’s mental health services

You can check each specialist’s prices in their profile under the Specialists section. A service fee and Kanta fee are added to the prices of appointments.

The prices for Pihlajalinna’s mental health services provided on behalf of Pihlajalinna’s medical centres are based on the medical centres’ price lists.

** When visiting a psychiatrist’s reception for the first time, a minimum amount of 90-120 minutes of reception time must be booked. Psychotherapy consultations always require an appointment of 90 minutes. The final price will be based on the specialist’s actual working time.

Worry in Mind


Reception, Worry in mind nurse, 60 minutes. Invoicing based on every starting 15 minutes.


Short therapy

Short therapy, 60 minutes


Short therapy, 10 visits, (including Kanta and service fees)

€1 000.00


Short psychotherapy, 60min


Weight control

Mental support for weight control, total price

€1 250.00

Mental support for weight control, three visits of 60 minutes each, (including Kanta and service fees)


Sleep coaching options

Sleep coach reception, 60 min


Sleep coaching group (7 visits incl., ovt 24% incl.)


Sleep coaching as an individual coaching program (7 visits incl.)


Stress management coaching group (ovt 24% incl.)



ADHD scanning and initiation of treatment for private customers

Price list and appointment booking from the Worry in mind-line, 010 312 023, weekdays 8-18

Uncancelled appointment

The price of a booked appointment

Psychiatrist **

Remote/phone reception, specialist, 60min


Remote/phone reception, specialist, 75min


Remote/phone reception, specialist, 90min


Remote/phone reception, specialist, 120min


First visit at the doctor’s reception, duration 45-60 minutes.