Remote appointments with doctors and other experts

At Pihlajalinna, you can reach a doctor or other healthcare professional remotely either on the Pihlajalinna health application or by booking a remote appointment.

The remote appointments with doctors are a good option for treating many urgent and non-urgent matters easily without having to visit a clinic.

Pihlajalinna health application

Download the doctor on your phone. On the health application’s remote appointment you get to talk to a doctor or a nurse, either via a chat or video connection, in less than a minute without an appointment, 24/7 on every day of the year. In a remote appointment with a doctor, many acute ailments can be treated and prescriptions can be renewed, for example.

You can download the application free of charge on your iPhone from App Store and on your Android device from Google Play. Read more.

Booking a remote appointment

You can book remote appointments with doctors and other experts. In a remote appointment, you can talk to an expert either on the phone or via video.
A remote appointment is booked like an ordinary appointment, either on the phone in the number 010 312 010 or on the online booking system. In addition to acute ailments, a remote appointment is a way to get help for many non-urgent things.