Pihlajalinna health application

The remote clinic is open 24/7 on every day of the year.
Without an appointment, you will be connected to a remote doctor or nurse in less than a minute.

Download the doctor on your phone

You can download the application free of charge on your iPhone from App Store and on your Android device from Google Play.

Remote appointment provides help for many ailments

On the application you get to talk with a doctor or a nurse either via a chat or video connection. Many different kinds of ailments that do not require physical examination can be treated in a remote appointment. The doctor can also prescribe medicine, renew your prescription, refer you to further research or prescribe a short sick leave.

In a remote appointment, you can get help for many ailments, including:
• Acne
• Allergy
• Erectile dysfunctions
• Rash
• Moles
• Headache
• Stomach troubles
• Inflammation of the eye
• Suspected case of Covid-19
• Urinary tract infection
• Upper respiratory tract infection

In a remote appointment, you cannot be prescribed, for example, antibiotics for an inflammation of the ear or sinusitis, sleeping pills or psychopharmaceutical drugs or strong pain medication (drugs affecting the central nervous system).

All health information in the same place

On the health application you can also book an appointment with our doctors or other experts and see your upcoming appointments. Your previous appointments, laboratory results, sick leave certificates and electronic prescriptions are also safe on the application. If necessary, you can also cancel your upcoming appointments.

How to download the application and start using it

• Start by downloading the application free of charge on your iPhone from App Store and on your Android device from Google Play.
• Identify yourself with your electronic banking passwords.
• During the first time, you will create yourself a PIN code you will use for your future logins.
• Now you are ready to start your first remote appointment.

Remote doctor prices

The remote appointment is an inexpensive alternative for an ordinary appointment. For example, a 20-minute-long appointment with a doctor on a weekday costs, after a Kela reimbursement, €35.50. You pay for the appointments with a credit card. See the price list.

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