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Corona vaccination booster is for adults over 18 years old and meant to risk groups as well as those who do not belong to the risk group. You can take the vaccination if you have:

· at least two previous coronavirus vaccinations, or

· one coronavirus vaccination and one coronavirus infection

In addition, three months must have passed since the last booster vaccination or at least three months have passed since the previous coronavirus infection detected with a coronavirus test carried out at home or in a laboratory.

Please be prepared to verify the previous coronavirus vaccinations you have received with a vaccination certificate or by showing your Omakanta.

Come to the vaccination on time and only if you are healthy. Take your identity card or Kela card with you.

Your condition will be monitored after the vaccine, so please stay at your workplace for at least 15 minutes after that.

You can cancel the appointment by phone at 010 312 032 (24/7) - Pihlajalinna Health Support.

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